Stitch Wall Flats

$3.96 PER SQ.FT

Paint Ready Stitch Wall Flats from Inhabit are lightweight 3D wall panels that work together through an automatic pattern repeat to create large-scale dimensional walls of any size and shape. Wall Flats work in multiples to create a continuous, uninterrupted dimensional sculptural wall. You can cover an existing wall with Wall Flats or disguise a wallpaper or paneled wall. These modern 3D wall tiles create a sculptural and continuous dimensional surface to any room setting through patterning.

Stitch Wall Flats create a modern rhythmic basket weave pattern on an accent wall or wall decor.

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Contents Each box contains 10 ready to paint panels that covers 22.5 sq ft
Dimensions Each 3D Wall Panel is 18"x18" and are 3/4" deep (at the thickest point)

Made from 100% Bagasse molded paper pulp with no chemical fillers, plastics, no VOC's, and no urea-formaldehyde.

Bagasse is a fibrous residue remaining after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice. This fibrous residue used as the raw material is pre-consumer waste

Fire Rating ASTM E84 - Class B, Flame: 60 / Smoke: 135. If Class A is needed, a treatment option can be applied by Inhabit. Contact us for details/cost. Or Class A can be achieved by adding a Fire Retardant Paint Additive. Recommend Flamecheck M111PA from Flamecheck International.

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Technical Product Specification Sheet >>>
Note: Sample tiles are full size usable tiles.

Wall Flat Calculator

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We have added 10% extra to cover for cuts.

Customer Reviews

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Jeanette H.G.
It's great!

First let me say the customer service is par excellence! Placed my order one day and it shipped the very next day; two days later I had my order. The Facets Wall Flats are beautifully crafted. Haven't heard them put on the wall yet, but I'm excited about how the finished product will look. Inhabit gives you everything needed to be successful in adhering them to the wall. There is video you can view and well written instructions, plus describing the other items needed to for successful application.


The chrysalis 3D ready to paint wall flats are gorgeous! The product shipped quickly, packaging was great and customer service is very responsive. I would recommend this product and order from Inhabit again.

Teresa L.
Split Wall Flats

Love the look of these flats. I installed them in my family room as an accent wall surrounding the fireplace. They were easy to install and look great. I only wish that they made this particular wall flat flame resistant. It took a lot of research and different products to make the flats surrounding the fireplace area beneath the mantle resistant to the heat and preventing them from lifting and cracking.

peggy s.
Great solution

After searching for a king sized headboard and not finding anything “unique”, someone on Etsy gave me and idea. I used 4 panels to create a headboard. Nailed them directly to the wall and painted the nail heads white. Everyone thinks it looks great. Thank you for making my decorating idea come to fruition. Wish I could attach a picture.

Ian F.
Fantastic option for an accent wall!!

My master bedroom/bathroom has been completely remodeled but I felt it needed something else. I have a 8 X 12 wall behind my king bed that I used to install these wall flats for an accent wall. They are very light, easy to cut, and install. I used adhesive, a blade for cutting, and didn't find them difficult to work with considering I have never done anything like this before. The end result is exactly what I wanted! I would recommend these flat flats to anyone looking for a cost effective product to spice up a wall.

A couple tips from lessons learned:
Adhesive works great but it will give off hazardous fumes for up to 48 hours. Ventilate the room well, and wear a respirator if you choose this route. Wipe the adhesive that seeps up between the tiles right away, this will save you a lot of post clean up.

If your going for the flush look (no gap between the tiles) make sure they are flush as you install. That will save you a lot of post work to fill in the gaps.

I used a metallic paint from Sherwin Williams. The metallic really makes the shapes pop. It did require 5 coats of paint so plan your project time accordingly.

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