Kaleidoscope Cast Architectural Concrete Tile - White

$163 USD
$23.28 USD PER SQ.FT

Cast™ from Inhabit ® is a collection of nesting sculptural tiles cast from concrete. Cast reimagines concrete as flowing and gentle.

Capturing the magic of the toy we all loved as kids the Kaleidoscope 3D Concrete Sculptural Tiles mimic the interaction of pattern and shape creating a living wall that seems to move and change right in front of your eyes. The contextual design takes its cues from its environment offering up modular tiles that work effortlessly together to create an uninterrupted dimensional surface that are boundless.

Cast is the perfect choice for use around fireplaces, feature walls, and commercial spaces where durability is a priority.

Cast can be dry nested or grouted to accentuate or down-play the individual tile aesthetic.

Easily transform a boring wall into eye-catching wall art
Individual tiles that are easy to install and manage

Installs like standard tile
Made from non-combustible, low VOC,  recycled raw material
Recycled and biodegradable
Lightweight and Paintable 
    Product Specifications:
    Materials Made from CSA Concrete. It is 2-6 times greener than OPC (Other Portland Cement) that has had a significant quantity of cement replaced with pozzolans, like fly ash and sag. This lightweight formulation results in a reduced product weight of approx. 30% per/sq ft. compared to similar volume Portland cement products.
    Coverage Cast is sold by the box. Each box contains 10 tiles & covers 7 sq ft., weight: 54 lbs.
    Dimensions Each tile is 12 3/8” x 12 3/8” x 1” thick / Coverage per tile is .7 sq ft.
    Fire Rating  Class A, Flame Spread Index: 0, Smoke Developed Index: 5.
    Installation  View Installation Instructions >>>
    Note: The maximum quantity of individual sample tiles that can be purchased is 1.

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