Current 3D Wool Felt Wall Flats

$37 USD
$13.70 USD PER SQ.FT
Color: Heathered Smokey Marble Wool Felt

Current 3D Wool Felt Wall Flats™ from Inhabit® are lightweight acoustic 3D wall panels that work through pattern repeats creating large-scale dimensional walls. A cinch to install and customize your room.

Developed to provide a beautiful aesthetic solution to tamping down ambient noise reverberation in a variety of environments. 

For custom colors and volume pricing contact us.

3D Felt Wall Flat Calculator

I know the actual square foot I want to cover. Help me find the correct amount to order.
I know the size of the area I want to cover. Calculate the sq. ft. that I need to order.

We have added 10% extra to cover for cuts.

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